Expert Team

Our top technical team-focus on providing international cutting-edge medical resource integration services for high net worth individuals.

Our team of experts are all elites from domestic and even foreign medical circles, graduated from world-class medical schools.

“Healthier, beautiful, and longer life”, no matter when and where, we have always implemented persistence and pursuit of this consistent purpose.
In the decades of development in the medical industry, the team has devoted themselves to the fields of scientific and technological beauty, genetic engineering, etc., with strength to create a leader in the industry, and to convey beauty and confidence with professionalism.


International authoritative technology and medical expert in the field of stem cells
-Worked as a researcher at the Iwate Bioengineering Research Center in Japan
– Worked as a researcher at Stanford University College in the United States
-Worked as the director of the Stem Cell Engineering Technology Research Center
– Formerly served as the director of biotechnology department
– Formerly served as IPS chief scientist


Hematology Expert
-Director of Department of Hematology, Yunnan First People’s Hospital
-Chairman of Yunnan Provincial Hematology Branch
-Vice-Chairman of Hematology Professional Committee of Chinese Integrative Medicine Association
-Chinese Medical Association Blood Member of the Credit Committee
-Vice Chairman of the Professional Technical Standards Review Committee of the WFCMS


Led a team of nearly 100 members of the Hematology Specialty Alliance
-Chief physician of the Department of Hematology of the 920th Hospital
-Member of the Hematologist Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association
-Member of the Cell Therapy Group of the Hematological Oncology Committee of the Chinese -Anti-Cancer Association


Graduated from: Doctor of Health Medicine -Phytopharmacology of the University of Barcelona
Doctoral Researcher of the Experimental Center of Health Medicine of the University of Barcelona (NO 03619-99)
Professional research: 23 years | Achievement patents: 39
2018 Kuala Lumpur AMAEA (Asia) Medical Beauty and Health Product Highest Award “Asia’s Top Medical Beauty and Health Product Special Award”
The third Asia Pacific Precision Medicine “Asia Pacific Precision Medicine (Breaking Thrombosis/ Regulating Blood Sugar) Product Technology Innovation Project Award”
-Honorary President of China Love Charity Foundation
Current Position:
-Xi’an Zhongyi Puxin Institute of Materia Medica – PhD researcher
-Guangzhou Zangcao Biotechnology Research Institute – PhD researcher
– Guangzhou Beta Health Solutions Center – Private Health Customization Expert
-Health Medicine Experimental Center of Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Spain – Doctoral Researcher