Mobile Foot Therapy

Walking For Good Health

歩行で健康を支援する モバイルフットセラピー

  • Built-in Terahertz chip

  • No charging required, engineered mechanical vibration

  • Massage your plantar reflex zone by walking

Japanese Technology,


Common Foot Problems

Knee pain

Poor standing posture

Painful swollen feet

Cold feet

Tingling in hands and feet

Painful ankle

The Feet Is Your Second Heart

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that the feet are the gateway to good health. Good health begins at the feet and travels upwards to the entire body. All parts of the body are represented at the sole of the feet. Of the 600 acupuncture points in the human body, 60% of it is located at the sole of the feet. Massaging the corresponding sections of the feet helps stimulates Qi circulation and helps remove Qi blockages in the various body parts thus promoting good health.


Stimulating the 60 specific reflex areas

on your feet which corresponds to specific organs and other body parts
to stimulate healing and even alleviate some ailments.

Card Back Card Front

Blood Pressure Regulation Point
Promotes the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Card Back Card Front

Yong Quan Point
Eliminates fatigue and stimulates kidney function.


Card Back Card Front

Stomach Reflex Point
Improve gastrointestinal function, relieve stomach pains and reduce acidity.

Card Back Card Front

Neck Reflex Point
Eliminate shoulder and neck discomfort; cervical vertebrae pain. 

Card Back Card Front

Intestine Reflex Point
Prevents indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and other GI discomforts, enhances immune system and promotes detoxification. 

Card Back Card Front

Insomnia Reflex Point
Reduces insomnia and helps improve sleep quality. 

5 Core Technologies


Terahertz Technology


Magnetic Levitation Vibration Technology


Quantum Energy Implant


Bio-Magnetic Application


Wormwood Insole

No.1  Terahertz Technology

Application of Terahertz Technology
– Japanese Technology, using a built-in terahertz chip to stimulate the Yong Quan Point.
High Amplitude Vibration Frequency
– Correct the magnetic field frequency of disordered cells by inducing a vibration frequency of hundreds of millions times per second to target and massage specific reflex areas.
Intelligent Recognition
– It can penetrate normal tissues to reach abnormal cells, which absorbs the energy, and uses heat to destroy the abnormal cells, while simultaneously activating the normal cells and the body’s self-healing mechanism.
High Penetration
– It can penetrate the human body for 20-30cm, and quickly cleanse the meridians, the lymph nodes, and improves microcirculation, thus alleviating the coldness and dampness. It helps to restore and balance the nervous system.

No.2  Magnetic Levitation Vibration Technology

Vibrate up to


times per minute

The magnetic levitation vibration device is built into the sole and converts kinetic energy produced by walking into vibration energy. It forms a 700 times per minute, three-dimensional magnetic vibration wave around the foot which massages the plantar acupoints while simultaneously promotes the lower limbs blood circulation.

No.3  Quantum Energy Implant

360° Three-Dimensional Wave Frequency Insert
  • Repairs the body magnetic field
  • Promotes blood circulation in the feet
  • Enhance Qi balance in the body

No.4  Bio Magnetic Application

Symptoms of Magnetic Deficiency

Neuromodulation disorder
Metabolism disorder
Accelerated cellular senescence
Increased blood viscosity
Increased heart load
Health Benefits of Magnet
  • Promotes the body’s absorption of trace elements and minerals. 
  • Beneficial for the prevention and treatment of heart and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • Improve cell metabolism and accelerate waste discharge from the body.

No.5  Wormwood Insole

Main Functions:
  • Dispel Dampness
  • Inhibit bacteria and bad odors
  • Promote blood circulation and prevents blood stasis
  • Cleanse the meridians